Based on the researches of Elon Musk, my team and me propose a point of view of the most fastest mean of transport, the Hyperloop.

In our project, the hyperloop is based in Europe and it answers to the business man needs. So we travel between Paris and Franckfurt, two of the biggest economical center in Europe. Now we can go from the downtown of Paris to the downtown of Frankfurt in only 1 hour.

In this school project, we had to design the hyperloop, the interior and the exterior. And we had to think about the stations and all the services.

I worked with 4 transportation designers : Kévin Massard and Cédric Schnoëller (5th year), Clément Buffle and Paul Martinez (3rd year) . Then we were two digital designer, I managed Raphaël Rotsaert (3th year).



If the costumer doesn’t get his ticket, he can buy one here.


From this space, the user can see the hyperloop arriving and leaving the station.


To access to the departure floor he has to validate his ticket.


The security is made in the stairs


Then, he can choose the hyperloop he wants and the placement is free.


Here is the interior. The space in is like the space in a car. each person has his screen. They can watch series, listen music and read some magazins or economic news. the step between to seats is 1m20.


Coming soon : more visuals, an animation and an interactive website.