Citroën Kholari

The citroën Kholari was my first important project with a team of designers at school. The team was composed of 4 transportation designers and 2 digital designers.

Our goal was to create the new citroën. We had to do a soft-roader with the peace of mind of the Mehari. It was a 5 mounth project composed of three parts : analysis, conception and development.

Finaly we made a concept car of a commercial vehicle.



The animation present the concept. It was made by Sylvain Trannoy, the second digital designer which worked with me on the project. He is at the moment in fifth year.


In this project, my main part was to model the kits : a cool bag, a cloth, something to keep boards and a binder.

Those objects was model with maya in polygonal.



I although model a rim.